Become one step closer to your dream career!
Become one step closer to your dream career!
By a careful combination of compulsory core subjects and elective specialised courses, students receive an all-round high-level EU law education, while maintaining freedom of focus on personal career or research needs.

The Ghent Law School is an EU "Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence", recognised for its expertise and its available resources for European Union Law. With the EU institutions in its vicinity, Ghent Law School offers all the necessary facilities for an in-depth study of the law and practice of the European Union. Students can also benefit from the excellent library, which doubles as a European Documentation Centre.

With an ever-expanding and further integrating European Union, and in an ever more global legal environment, this LLM offers an additional law degree that is instrumental in the international job market. The specialised nature of the programme allows students to develop specific skills and competences in the rapidly developing areas of EU law. In short, this Ghent University Law School LLM specialisation forms a significant stepping stone for lawyers and professionals who require knowledge of EU law and/or EU institutions for their career development.
60 Credits
1 Year ( full-time)
Ghent, Belgium
English (C1)
Students need to obtain 60 credits, over a period of two semesters. There is great flexibility in shaping one’s own curriculum.

Eighteen credits cover courses specializing in European Union law. Ten more credits are dedicated to the compulsory supporting courses dealing mainly with various legal and political developments in order to broaden the horizons of legal professionals. Students are also required to write a fifteen-credits’ worth LLM Paper in connection with one of the courses on the curriculum.

The remaining credits are filled with elective courses on a variety of topics from the following fields: European Law, Economic and Social Law, Environmental Law, Public International Law, and Criminal Law. Students can choose from approximately twenty five different courses, all of which are exclusively taught in English. Teaching is generally done interactively, requiring advanced reading and class participation.

The programme typically hosts several internationally reputed guest professors with a rotation on a yearly basis. Students can also choose to participate in one of the various moot courts or legal clinic as an official part of their curricula.

Organised social activities are an important part of the LLM-experience, and not all are extracurricular. Curricular activities include guided visits to important EU and international institutions and participation in several colloquia.
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Kristaq Profkola
LLM Class of 2008
This LLM program made me realise that the EU is probably one of the greatest achievement of the 20th century. The direct contact with such an international mix in the heart of Europe and the technical skillfulness of the professors in relation to a variety of current EU issues provided me with a realistic and professional view of how this gigantic institutional mechanism works and grows. My professional career and my life certainly took a complete change of course after my experience in Ghent. For that, I am always proud to be an alumnus of this program.The Ghent University LLM programme was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. We had a very pleasant group of students from different parts of the world. I have had the opportunity to meet some of the brightest and prestigious lecturers from the University of Ghent. I love Ghent; it is like a big museum. Its architecture is fascinating, and I felt like in the 14th century. The program is a once in a lifetime experience, so I warmly recommend it to everyone!
Gloria Folguera Ventura
LLM Class of 2006
Student life at its best. Apart from lectures, I had the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world, chance to learn Dutch and have Duvel and Leffe (Belgian beers) contests with friends. It was student life at its best that one can imagine.
Ivanco Vladimir
LLM Class of 2004
A stimulating academic environment and superb student life.
Inge Govaere is a Professor of EU Law, Director of the Ghent European Law Institute (G.E.L.I.) and Director of the LLMs at Ghent University. She is also the Director of the European Legal Studies Department at the College of Europe in Bruges.

She obtained her PhD at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence (Italy). Inge Govaere was Fulbright Scholar in Residence at Cornell University (Ithaca NY, USA) and has been a visiting professor or given conferences and guest lectures at many universities worldwide, inter alia Columbia University (N.Y., USA), Yale University (C.T., USA), Curtin University (Perth, Australia), University of Sao Paolo (Brazil), Université Panthéon-Assas (Paris II, France), Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition (Munich, Germany), the European University Institute (EUI) (Firenze, Italy), and Cambridge University (UK).

Her academic interests vary from EU external relations law to Internal Market and EU intellectual property rights.

Inge Govaere is a member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts (KVAB).
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Designed for students with an international career or research orientation in comparative law.
Tailored for students seeking to specialize in the field of public international and human rights law.
Ideal for students seeking to specialise in the international legal aspects of business practice in our globalising world.

Perfect for students aspiring to specialise in the law and institutions of the European Union.
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