Become one step closer to your dream career!
Become one step closer to your dream career!
This LLM specialization provides the students with a solid basis in the form of carefully preselected mandatory courses on human rights and migration law as well as subjects on international public law and sustainable development. At the same time, the curriculum leaves room for the students to choose among many elective courses in accordance with their career priorities so as to gain expertise on various contemporary topical issues of international and human rights law.

The International and Human Rights Law specialization offers students an advanced degree with significant added value for those aspiring a career in legal practice, in civil service at the national, regional or international level, or in the NGO sector, as well as for those interested in pursuing further academic research.

The catalogue of courses encompasses traditional subdomains of public international law as well as courses on European and American human rights law. In addition, it includes multiple courses focused on environmental protection and sustainable development, alongside courses adopting a distinct multidisciplinary orientation.

As the birthplace of the prestigious Institut de Droit International (°1873), Ghent is the perfect place for a deep dive into the world of international law (in the broadest sense), a domain of ever-growing reach and importance. This LLM specialization builds in particular on the broad expertise within the Ghent Rolin-Jacquemyns International Law Institute (GRILI) as well as the renowned Human Rights Centre (HRC).
60 Credits
1 Year ( full-time)
Ghent, Belgium
English (C1)
Students need to obtain 60 credits, over a period of two semesters. There is great flexibility in shaping one’s own curriculum.

Eighteen credits cover courses specializing in Human Rights Law. Ten more credits are dedicated to the compulsory supporting courses dealing mainly with various legal and political developments in order to broaden the horizons of legal professionals. Students are also required to write a fifteen-credits’ worth LLM Paper in connection with one of the courses on the curriculum.

The remaining credits are filled with elective courses on a variety of topics from the following fields: European Law, Human Rights Law, Economic Law, Environmental Law and Public International Law etc. Students can choose from approximately thirty different courses, all of which are exclusively taught in English. Teaching is generally done interactively, requiring advanced reading and class participation.

The programme typically hosts several internationally reputed guest professors with a rotation on a yearly basis. Students can also choose to participate in one of the various moot courts or legal clinic as an official part of their curricula.

Organised social activities are an important part of the LLM-experience, and not all are extracurricular. Curricular activities include guided visits to important EU and international institutions and participation in several colloquia.
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Yves Haeck, PhD (Ghent University) (2007) and Master and Bachelor in Law (Ghent University) (1992) is a Professor of international human rights law at the Department of European, Public and International Law of Ghent University and the Director of the Programme for Studies on Human Rights in Context. He teaches International Human Rights Law, Human Rights in Developing Countries, and International Moot Court Human Rights. Besides, he is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Geneva and at the University of Pretoria. Prior to this, he was a Lecturer at Utrecht University (Netherlands Institute of Human Rights) and a Guest Professor at the University of Malta.

He is co-founder of the Human Rights Centre of Ghent University and the Editor-in-Chief of the Human Rights in Context Blog.
His research focuses on procedural and substantial issues before regional and universal human rights adjudicators such as the European Court of Human Rights and the Inter-American Commission and Court of Human Rights, as well as interim measures in international human rights law, topics on which he has published and lectured widely.

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Designed for students with an international career or research orientation in comparative law.
Tailored for students seeking to specialize in the field of public international and human rights law.
Ideal for students seeking to specialise in the international legal aspects of business practice in our globalising world.

Perfect for students aspiring to specialise in the law and institutions of the European Union.
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