Do you need help financing your studies? Discover the opportunities below
Do you need help financing your studies? Discover the opportunities below
The LLM Programmes self can offer a limited number of partial tuition waivers for excellent applicants showing financial need. You can apply for such a partial tuition waiver by adding an additional motivation letter to your application file (supported by the documents proving your financial need).

Furthermore, there is a possibility to apply for a Master Mind scholarship or a Top-Up Grant. For both of these projects, the LLM Programme will be requested to short-list the nominees from the admitted applicants, eligible for the scholarship/grant. The decision for who will be granted the scholarship is likely to be given in the late spring, or at the start of summer at the earliest.

More information on both scholarships can be found here:

As the competition is quite strong and a lot of foreign students are asking for financial assistance, we strongly urge our applicants to be financially self-supportive, either through personal means or through third-party intervention.
Financial aid through the LLM Programmes
LLM candidates are encouraged to explore avenues for financial aid external to the LLM programmes. It should be stressed, however, that the LLM programmes cannot offer any technical or logistical support for these external application processes, other than letters of recommendation and/or confirmations of application or selection, where required.

Here are a few options that may be helpful to you as you explore the possibilities of external financial aid.

1) The Belgian Directorate General for Development Cooperation has bilateral agreements with about 20 countries, the nationals of which may be granted a scholarship when studying at a Belgian university. A complete list of the countries for which such scholarship possibility is available can be found here.

For each of the countries, addresses and coordinates can be found of the responsible attache in the Belgian Embassy or Consulate General. Applications and questions on the procedure for obtaining of scholarships should be forwarded to the responsible attache.

On the following website of the Directorate General for International Cooperation, an overview of the different organisations with scholarship possibilities can also be consulted.

2) Nationals of about 30 countries studying in Flanders may obtain scholarships from the Flemish Community within the framework of bilateral cooperation agreements concluded between the Community and various countries. For a list of the countries, you may consult this link.

The Belgian Embassies/Consulates and/or the competent authorities (e.g. Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs) in each of the partner countries should be able to supply further information on these scholarship possibilities.

3) Another possibility is the Mastermind Scholarship, offered by the Flemish government.
You can find more info on how to apply here.

4) Students coming from developing countries can also make an application with the University for a Scholarship under the following scheme:
"Master grants for candidates from developing countries". For further information please consult this link.

5) Some further suggestions for grant possibilities are also mentioned on the Ghent University website.

6) Postgrad Solutions, a British postgraduate online platform offers 15 bursaries every year to students to pursue their postgraduate studies. For more information, students may consult this link.
Other avenues for financial aid
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